hello! i'm ria, a jack-of-all-trades digital artist.
I do 3D modelling and animation, video editing, audio editing, image editing and more. this is my carrd, a 1-way stop to everything I work on.


main collaborations

gg_vocals youtube

editor - inactive

arianagvh youtube

editor - inactive

mxrmods youtube

editor - semi-activeQ2 2020 - present

mxrmods youtube

editor - semi-activeQ2 2021 - present

small things

mxrmods youtube

3d alerts

mxrmods youtube

skyrim modlist

Video Editing

self-taught from 2010+, formal classes from 2016+i use Hitfilm, Sony Vegas Pro (13, 17, 19)- also familiar with the Adobe suite.

‘showcases’ - informational + overlay heavy

POISE - Stagger Overhaul SKSE
Conditional Idles 1.4
Tekken 8 - Lili New Moves & Changes

reaction video: lightly edited, fast-paced timing, 10-20 minutes

memes that prove women..
When you pull her hair..

full gaming showcase 'episode': humor, mix of editing complexity, 10-20 minutes

One Of The Great Classic Skyrim Mods Is Finally Back
Don't download this Fallout 4 mod

Game Development

SIRENROOT: Deluge of DeceitFeatured by Bethesda! A 2-5 hour long Skyrim quest mod, featuring voiced NPCs, a puzzle dungeon, and a focus on the player's choice with consequences.

duck & shimmy animations

Checkpoint Mielbarr & Nog

Flat-FootedA short Skyrim quest mod, showcasing level design using the EVG Animated Traversal climbing framework.

3D & Animation

self-taught from 2011+, 2D & general animation classes in 2016+,
won some medals in pre-college state & country wide competitions around 2017,
3D generalist classes in 2019+
my main driver is Blender, accompanied by the Substance + Adobe suites, and Hitfilm.

EVG Animation Suite + Moreseveral free-to-download Skyrim mods with hand-made animations for humanoid characters, ranging from climbing and locomotion to basic arm offsets.

duck & shimmy animations

krewsader animations

PotasticP Krewsader alertsbespoke 3d animated 'pop-up' alerts for
PotasticP's twitch stream.
(preview, raw video link)

hinterland ranger outfit, made in blender & substance painter. 4.6k tris.